so f'ing wonderful!" I just said out loud.

The heat I love, not working on a week day, being able to loll in bed with a new fan blasting on me keeping me a perfect temperature, reading another Harry Bosch book 'Trunk Music' by Michael Connelly. Love his style. I gotta type this paragraph that is so perfect.

"Bosch had never liked Las Vegas, though he came often on cases. It shared a kinship with Los Angeles; both were places desperate people ran to. Often, when they ran from Los Angeles, they came here. It was the only place left. Beneath the veneer of glitz and money and energy and sex beat a dark heart. No matter how much they tried to dress her up with neon and family entertainment, she was still a whore."

I have no interest in going to Las Vegas, that sums up why for me.

The cats trying to keep cool:

Kaiya perplexed by the ice in the water bowl, just trying to keep it chilled for a moment or two...