works a treat! It is a blowing a gale around the room and not down on me. I did not sweat at all last night even with the window shut and no a/c on. YAY!

It was worth the wait of 2.5 hours with yakking Liz following me all over my home, she must be starved for company. I had just started cooking my dinner at 4:30 when she and Charlie arrived. I finally sat down to eat it at 7pm, starving! I didn't think I should be rude and eat in front of her, and I didn't want to offer her any as it was DELICIOUS and I wanted it all to myself. Made enough for 2 more meals. The chicken and black bean finally, really rich as it should be, with tender chicken and crunchy water chestnuts and baby corn. SERIOUS Yumfest!

While Charlie was putting up the new fan I decided to put the new halogen bulbs in to the beside lamps. The last bulb died a few months ago. The bulbs used to be so expensive, the one I took out had no identifying marks on what wattage I should buy, I found one that looked the same on Amazon and hoped for the best, 6 of them for $12.70. Would be a bargain if they were the right ones and not too much of a loss if they weren't, not worth the hassle of returning. The lamp is running hot, it did before, just wondering if this is hotter though. I guess I will find out if it blows fast. It is so bright and hot, have to keep the cats away from it, they tend to want to stick their noses in it. Ouch! Burny!

As you know I had resurrected the living room lamp Ketley broke in a rampage, well Charlie put the found spare shade on and fixed the sagging other shade. The poor old base is really bent, too hard to push it back straight, don't want to break anything further, I really like that lamp. It was 'standing in' for my bedside lamp until I got new bulbs, it got put back where it belongs, next to my chaise, the other decorative lamp was not giving off enough light. It is back on the hall table where it belongs. The light next to my chaise has a turning knob so I can vary the brightness. REALLY happy to have it back where it belongs and working brilliantly.

When I moved the hall table out to plug in the decorative lamp in I found the piece of art that was on the table, it had fallen down, I forgot about it. There was also an egg shell in many pieces. Ketley will drag them out of the kitchen sink and play with them, silly creature, how the heck it got behind that table is beyond me.

Thank goodness it is a short working day today, 6 hours, and I am not expecting visitors after work, and I don't have to get up until 8:45am to go to work, such a civilized hour. Yesterday was BORING, maybe a half dozen calls, a few clients came in. Fun Evan decided to not sit at the floor desk, sat at his own desk. We usually chat up a storm and laugh a lot, I guess he had a lot of work to do. There are quite a few delightful ladies there I can chat with.

I am going to have to ask Tina if she would mind if the monitors and phone were put in a more non-neck breaking position. She has the phone straight ahead on the desk and the two monitors off to the right side, so you have to work with your head turned quite sharply, not a natural position. She normally has them raised so high you can't see people coming in the front door, not very welcoming, thank goodness they can be adjusted down easily. The phone and monitors could be moved all to the left and her tiered baskets and binders can be moved to the right of the monitors. Will craft a delicate email to her to send just as I leave Monday afternoon for her to read upon her return on Tuesday.

A longer, 9 hour, busy day tomorrow, not looking forward to that, though I enjoy Pam's company. That woman is quite petite with a bit of extra weight on her middle but she has KILLER legs! Very shapely and blemish free in her 50s, she can still wear short skirts and look amazing, lucky gal.

That realtor gal didn't call me yesterday about the bulk mailing job. Hope she does today. I'd be a great fit as I am being trained in the realtor world and can help her out with other stuff besides bulk mailing, if she needs me to, as I understand the business and know the software. Her office is 15 mins. from home. Could be a great partnership IF she is a really, nice person, no more working for bitches!

I will be vegeing BIG time on Tuesday. NOBODY is gonna stop me!