in a low mood and we lower as the day wore on yesterday. I was soooooooo tired. Just kept sinking during the day. I mentioned it to Pam 1 towards the end of the day and she said she didn't notice. Laughingly said I was probably cursing her out inside "where is that woman... etc" She was right! She is so cool. Like her a lot. Wouldn't mind being friendly outside of the office. Will broach it after she gets settled in her new home and her partner has come and gone. He has 28 days driving and 5 days at home, 5 days from Irvine CA, so he spends half a day getting to AZ and another half getting back to CA out of those 5 days. My birthday is coming up, might see if she wants to join me for a Margarita at Macayos, it's a Friday night.

I did leave work a few mins early. I eat lunch at my desk, don't take a lunch hour, so Pam had no problem with it. I had intended to cook up the chicken tenders with shallots, water chestnuts, baby corn and black bean sauce but I ended up warming up a Palak Paneer instead. I was on the chaise and fighting to stay awake, gave up and went to bed at 9:30. I did leave the a/c on last night, we've got some hot days, 102-104F/38-40C. Normal June temps. I like heat but wouldn't enjoy Phoenix as they HAVE to have a/c on, they've been up to 112F/45C.

Charlie is coming by with a new fan for the bedroom today at 4:15pm when I get home. The other one didn't improve with a new switch and it wouldn't turn off, so he just bought a new one. That will be enough for sleeping, with the draft going up and blustering all around the room instead of directly down on me.

Two shorter days work, 7 and 6 hours might perk me up a bit, rather than the 9 hour days. Will have my weekend Tuesday and Wednesday. Lunch with Shelley last Tuesday didn't happen, we are going on Wednesday to 'May's Counter' for some Southern Food. I'll be partaking in Shrimp 'n Grits. Had them in South Carolina as instructed by somebody who said I had to have them, quintessentially Southern food. I did enjoy, I don't remember enough (10 years ago) to compare. Will get to swimming the rest of the week.

I'd love to be able to buy a property here, will get to working on that later in the year. Pam's new place looks fantastic. 3 Bedroom/2 bathroom, fireplace, garage, newish kitchen and bathrooms, beautiful back patio with a mountain view to the side. $134K. Property market is moving! It does fascinate me, I enjoy working at the realtors office. There is a lender in the building, Ed, I think I will ask what kind of salary I need to be earning to qualify for $150K loan. See if 3 part time jobs will get there.

I really like the folks here, don't feel much stress, just when I mess up transferring a call or yesterday I made a boo boo closing a deal in the system. Mind you I asked Pam to come and check it to make sure I didn't it right and she didn't catch the error either. The person that pointed it out wasn't worried, just said she'd get a phone call and will tell them it is being sorted out on Monday.

There is nobody here but me, had a flurry of 3 agents and customers coming in but they have all gone out to view properties. I think I shall have a look now....

Hope you are having a GREAT day!