Pam 1, my supervisor at the realtor's office, is crazy busy at work, she used to have 3 admins under her, now she has one, yet she has more work and she is constantly interrupted by agents needing things. I feel bad having to ask questions to get done what she wants me to. She works 10-11 hour days

Her partner recently lost his job as a teacher, his word against a kid's. He will never work as a teacher again. He decided to go to truck driving school. He has to drive with another driver on cross country hauls. He is always having problems with the other drivers (there is nothing wrong with him). He wanted to quit, but she told him he has to stay as they would have to pay for his training course, which is free if you stay employed with them for a year. He is home only 3-5 days a month now.

The home she has been renting has been taken over by a property manager who is raising the rent and wants her to sign a lease, she's never had one. This information was relayed 21 days before it comes in to effect, they should have given her 30 days warning.

So, she is moving. By herself, partner is on the road. The good thing is she is buying a place that she can afford on her own, much closer to work and family and friends. She was left with ex-husband's debt and ended up declaring bankruptcy 10 or so years ago. So it is wonderful she qualifies for a loan.

She is moving stuff in to a storage unit as she will be homeless for a week or so until she can get in the new property. Her brother says she can stay, his wife said 'What about your partner?' He is not welcome it seems, he is black and the family's bigotry has come out.

All this and who knows what else and she is the most positive, cheerful person I have seen in a long time. You go Pam 1!