these two days before I go to work 6 days straight starting tomorrow. 9 hour days Wed. - Fri., 7 on Sat., 6 on Sunday and 9 on Monday. Not really looking forward to it but thank goodness it is with fun Pam and not annoying Tina. She says she will be working my fingers to the bone, it's busy! So I cut my nails before they could get destroyed... ;-)

I was going to go to the stores for food yesterday, got 3 loads of washing done before noon. I continued reading and fell asleep for 3 hours, waking at 3pm, too late to shower and get to the stores for me, so I continued to loll. Just so darned tired. I slept really badly in NYC, horrible bed. 2 full days of traveling and walking every day really did me in, just needed to chill.

Of course I had the best time with my great friends, Denise & Robert. We'd get 'home' and put on our jammies and slippers til we went to bed. The last full day we had together, Saturday, we took a cab to the Rockefeller Center about 10:30am and there was no line to get to 'Top of the Rock', 3 levels of viewing NYC. I tried to pay for my entrance fee but they wouldn't let me. Got some good pics from up there, it will be a while before I'll feel like going through them all with 6 work days.

We had lunch in the Rockefeller Café, salads for all, mine was butter lettuce, avocado chunks and pine nuts, absolutely delicious! Expensive café so that's all I had, $17 for a salad. Then we walked a few blocks to the Foxwoods Theater on 42nd St. for 'Spiderman - Turn off the Dark'. Our seats were to the far left, 2nd row from the top. There were tons of open seats on the top level so the ushers told us to sit wherever we liked, we sat 2nd row from the front slightly to the left. There were lots of wires strung and platforms hanging off the balcony at various places.

The sets were very clever, some of the songs were a tad boring, but when Spiderman finally took to the buildings and skies it was GREAT! There were 7 of them in the same costume, so when one disappeared around a corner on the stage another would appear up on the balcony. One sneaked in near us in the dark and when the light hit him he doused the nearest family with spider webs (thin confetti), the little boy was loving it!

There were flying battles between the Green Goblin and Spiderman, being upstairs was great to see it all, can't imagine it would be comfortable downstairs looking up. It was a really fun, spectacular show, glad we went. We taxied back to the apartment and picked up some Chinese food for dinner across the street. Denise wanted a doughnut but the shop was closed so I took her in to the store and showed her the Entemann cakes, she chose a light lemon cake with a crunchy glaze. It was delicious and so was the food, ribs, beef & black bean (not strong enough though), and a spicy chicken and vegie dish. They stayed up quite late sorting out their shopping, taking off all the labels and weighing their luggage to make sure they didn't go over. They have monster hard suitcases on rollers. I had to get to bed to rest my legs.

Our last morning was easy, eating up the last of the food, I made some sandwiches for my 12 hour journey. The limo came on time, a Cadillac Escalade SUV, comfy but well worn. That was a much more expensive trip, $45 more, than my trip from Newark to the apartment.

Glad I had 3 sandwiches and some cake to get me through. The first flight was 1.5 hours late, plane malfunctioned, they got another, moved us to another gate and we had to wait further for flight attendants. The flight seemed to go fast but I didn't know if I was going to make my 2nd flight. I asked an attendant what my odds were. He could only tell me that I would have to take a shuttle to another terminal, gave me the gate number and that he would ask the people on the flight to stay seated so those of us needing to catch other flights could get off first.

Of course, they ignored the request, well the two sitting next to me got out fast so I could try to wade through, but even pleading that I had 16 minutes to get to my next flight, asking people to move aside so I could get to the front, all I got were 'Chill woman!' 'Maybe they are all catching other flights.' Yeah, all 28 rows of them. 'I replied loudly 'I hope none of you are ever in the situation of trying to catch the last flight out or sleeping in the airport overnight.' The jerks...

I couldn't run, took a minute or two to get my bearings, finally saw a sign for the gate I needed, a guy opened a door for me, I had to go down some stairs and down a corridor to catch a shuttle which pulled up when I got there. There were other people in the same predicament so they didn't wait, got the shuttle moving fas. I had to go up more stairs, down a corridor and down some stairs to get to my gate. There was no movement, there was no plane yet, it was delayed. YAY!!! So I had 10 mins. to breath before we boarded, a nice small plane, about 60 seats. Nice and civilized. Got to Tucson and the airport was so quiet I thought I was gonna get locked in the airport when I went to the bathroom. I had to wait 10 mins. for a coach, but I was the only passenger, so it was only 45 mins. after we landed that I was back home. GLORIOUS home!

I stayed up an hour to unwind and give the cats attention then shut them out of the bedroom. Got about 4 hours sleep. I let the cats in and they were all over me looking for attention all day. The missed me!

I bought a card for Christine & Jim as well as a NYC lottery ticket to thank them for looking after the cats. It had a kitten on the front and it said 'Thank you furry, furry, much!' inside. I wrote 'The kids couldn't stop talking about the great time they had with you guys.' (I'd called during the week, Jim was over playing with them every night. Christine had given them wet food, which Kaiya hogged and threw up.) 'Thank you for looking after us. Kaiya, Kokee and Ketley (and me too, Summer).'

Christine came by with the keys this morning. She said she found a dead, small scorpion in the living room, the cats scared it to death. She said there were more Kissing Bugs around, so they closed all the windows and put the a/c on. They are such kind people.

I got up and went to Trader Joes for perfect fruit and makings for chicken & black bean (strong), deposited a check for my one day work at the Wellness Center on May 15th, and stopped at Walmart for a few more things.

Charlie is here now trying to sort out the one slow speed bedroom fan. He brought a new switch, it was the wrong one, went to Home Depot to get another and put it it and there are now 2 speeds, slow and slower and it won't turn off. I want him to go away so I can eat my Pop Chips and Snickers bar and finish my book. I put on a few lbs. in NYC but it will come off when I am working and taking my meager lunch of dill cheese, rice crackers and fruit for lunch.