That would be my feet and ankles and if I could see inside, probably my hips 'n knees. Then there is my belly from eating waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much but I am enjoying some great treats.

I'm home alone again today. They were talking of going to B&H to get a laptop like mine, then Frick Museum, walking across Central Park to The Dakota building. Going to Coldwater Creek, Macys and Top of the Rockefeller Center. All too much for me I am afraid.

Yesterday I managed the 3 hour round the island cruise, a fun, dry humor commentator, most was good, got a tad boring up past Harlem, not much to see on the hilly side The Hilly side of Manhattan, 'The name Manhattan derives from the word Manna-hata, as written in the 1609 logbook of Robert Juet, an officer on Henry Hudson's yacht Halve Maen (Half Moon).[12] A 1610 map depicts the name as Manna-hata, twice, on both the west and east sides of the Mauritius River (later named the Hudson River). The word "Manhattan" has been translated as "island of many hills" from the Lenape language.' from Wikipedia. We went to get on the 12:30 cruise but it was booked out, so we paid for the 2pm cruise and went to find something to do to kill 2 hours. Denise & I plonked ourselves at a table & chairs in a shady spot while Robert went walking. He came back with water and we ate our packed sandwiches and corn chips there. After the cruise we had to walk a ways to get a cab, some don't want to go to the lower east side.

The isle of Manhattan is only 4 miles at its widest and 13 miles long. Some 1.6 million people in 26 square miles, averaging about 80 thousand people per square mile. Yikes! I know the place we are staying is in the Seward Park Cooperative. There are several 20 storey blocks of apartments that make it up. It is quite green and residential here. I thought I would look up places for sale in these many huge blocks. A 2 bedroom/1 bathroom was advertised for $699,000 to get a bidding war. Same basic floorplan of this place, but they reconfigured closets and sizes of rooms to add another bathroom and upgraded them and the kitchen to granite etc. with this view at night of the Empire State Building.
This place would go for close to $1M I am pretty sure. Manhattan seems to average around $1,000 a square foot.

Last night we went to Little Italy and ate at Grotta Azzurra, recommendation of Kathy's and it was excellent and very reasonably priced. There was a street fare going on, lots of fast food of different ethnicities, a traveling Italian horn band. Took a while to get a cab, you have to figure out the right street and the right side to try and grab one.

D&R got out the door today at noon, when I came back from the bank and grocery store they were here. They bought so much at B&H they had to come back to dump it. I made them more sandwiches, Probably just Top of the Rock and some more shopping. I am thinking they have spent around $5,000 so far. Rob brought an empty suitcase, he has bought pants, shirts, undies, jackets (one was $1,500 marked down to $399 - Armani). He is a good bargain hunter.

This morning I was saying I was going to get a lottery ticket and card for Christine & Jim for taking care of my cats. Denise said if she bought a ticket that she couldn't claim a prize not being a citizen but would give it to me. Rob said 'Yeah and we would never see you again!' I thought 'Now tell me how you REALLY feel, Rob!' but said 'That was mean.' That bit a lil, if I do win anything I will pay them back for everything they have paid for on my behalf. He said I am their guest but seems to resent it, I didn't ask them to. I am paying for all the cabs and some of the meals and the limo out of my Unemployment Insurance account.

Anyway, I called Christine as I had forgotten to turn on the A/C. She said all 3 of the cats are out everyday looking to play with Jim now. She tried to feed them some wet food, Kaiya hogged it all and promptly threw it up. LOL They have seen more kissing bugs so have closed up the front door and windows and leave the a/c on. It will be 101F/38C tomorrow and 104/39CF on Sunday.

As Gracie said it has been hot here, up in the 90s. Tis pleasant in the shade with a breeze, not too high humidity. It didn't bother me yesterday, I had a jacket on all day, got a lil sweaty on my brow. Will be back down to the 70s when we are gone.

We all said it seems like we have been here a month. It is too much for me now. They said this will be their last trip here, they will have no patience and couldn't walk as much in a few years. I don't know how Denise is doing it. She's got a heat rash on her lower legs and ankles now from supports under socks. Her feet are killing her but she keeps on walking. I have given up, my right hip and knee are not good. I need to be able to walk around the airports to catch flights on Sunday. We are taxiing in to 42nd street tomorrow for 'Spiderman', an acrobatic show tomorrow, a matinee at 2pm.

It's been fun hanging with them, I am grateful for the time together and their generosity, but it has to be a quieter, slower place next time. The street noise is still really loud on the 10th floor, cacophony of sirens many times a day, construction and delivery noise. I'll be VERY happy to get back to my peaceful oasis...