This town whups my butt!

After who knows how many miles I walked on Monday, we walked for 4.5 hours around Woodbury Commons mall (it is in New York but we went in to New Jersey off the George Washington Bridge and then back in to New York). It rained, light at first, this is an outdoor mall, i.e. you walk from store to store outside. The last hour it was quite heavy, Denise and I were pretty much soaked on the top half.

We had a coach service that picked us up from the apartment and then drove to pick up 4 other people from 2 other hotels downtown. It was an easy enough trip, the bridge wasn't too bad. Our driver called his driving buddies to see how the GW bridge was travelling. We were there in 2 hours. He was a nice kid, this is his 2nd job, he is fire fighter uptown also. He was not stressed by NYC traffic at all, he said he chills as he has enough stress being a firefighter

Denise & Robert shopped like maniacs, Robert went his own way at first, Denise & I did our thing, we joined up for lunch at Applebees then I found a place to sit for the last hour and they finished off shopping together.

We had a different driver going back, now he was a MANIAC driver. Honking like crazy, veering on the other side of the road to see what was holding up traffic, NOBODY was going to get in his way. A gal with her parents out from The Netherlands, he tried to tell her that they had to walk a block, he didn't want to drop them at their hotel, she said that is not what she paid for, it is door to door. Good for her, he got nasty. He didn't get a tip from them. It took 3 hours to get back traffic was nuts, took a long time to get passed an accident.

Back here at 7pm, we snacked for dinner. I said I was having a recovery day today. My knee, hips and all leg muscles were killing me. I lay in bed til 8am this morning then hung with them while they got ready to go out at 10am. They were heading to 5th Avenue stores and a museum. I went back to bed and read and watched 'Millionaire Matchmaker' before having a Jacuzzi and a shower. It helped my legs a lil.

We had decided that I would go to a deli to get the makings for Reuben sandwiches, sauerkraut, corned beef, swiss cheese, Russian dressing (pickle relish, catsup & mayo) and rye bread. I also got some pastrami, sour dough bread for another sandwich. Also bought some salad makings and a key lime pie and oh and some guacamole and corn chips. $130 later... WOW! I probably walked 2.5 miles, half carrying heavy bags. People were so rude, pushing me out of the way, just before I got to the apartment, a kid in his teens was walking with arms crossed like a zombie, he walked straight towards me and stopped in my way. I said 'this is RUDE!' and had to walk around him.

Just waiting for them to get back, hope they are hungry! I shall put their Reubens together for them, hot sauerkraut and melted swiss cheese.

Tomorrow is the cruise, today was supposed to be wet, but that didn't happen, quite warm and humid, I have the a/c on as there is no breeze. We also have a booking at Grotta Azurra Italian restaurant that Kathy recommended. Sounds great, not far from the apartment. Saturday is 'Spiderman' on Broadway.

I will be exhausted, this will be last trip to NYC.