after a long day of walking.

I got in to the apartment about 40 mins. earlier than I expected last night. Flights were full but on time. Well, the 2nd one was a different flight than what I had booked, when I went to check in online on Saturday it said the 2nd flight got in at 6:30pm, an hour later than I thought. A different flight number too. Just as well I had an extra hour at Denver as I was really hungry by the time I landed there and had plenty of time to walk the full length of the terminal to my next flight. Got a Sara Lee Hawaiian Delight pancetta sandwich, ham, cheese and pineapple with a honey mustard sauce, it was pretty darned tasty, that and a small back of Fritos was $9.35. Yikes!

The limo ride was great, I called when I picked up my bag, actually it took quite a while for the bags to come out, mine came out fast thank goodness. I got an Indian Sikh driver, he was friendly and interesting. The ride was about 30 mins. Rob & Denise came down and walked me back up to the apartment. It is more than adequate with an excellent skyline view. The deep jazuzzi tubs will come in handy tonight.

Rob made Margaritas, I was on my 2nd when Gail called, had just arrived, a bit after 8pm. She was way over by Penn Station and I was too pickled to travel, she was content to be on her own for the night. We have leftover Chinese food and Denise & I went across the road to get some choc mint ice cream, chips, snickers, those essentials. We yakked until midnight.

I was awake at 4:15am, read until 7am when I got up and showered. Denise & Rob had breakfast here. I was having breakfast with Gail. We 3 took a cab over to the Gail's hotel and Denise & Rob went their own way after we agreed to meet at The Pink Tea Cup restaurant at 1:30pm. Gail & I had a hearty breakfast in a café, mine was French Toast and bacon with a fruit cup.

Then we started walking up 7th avenue uptown, taking lots of photos of buildings and places like Times Square, Flatiron Building, Rockefeller Center. We walked we walked from 32nd Street, up to 50th and then down to 16th. It was a KILLER!

We could all hardly walk after lunch. The food was quite delicious, I had crab cake sliders without the bun, candied yams and some mac 'n cheese. The others had salmon croquettes and different sides or salad. Great lemonade to drink.

We all piled in to a cab and Gail and I got off at her hotel and picked up her bag and I walked her in to Penn Station to say goodbye. It was so good of her to come all that way to see me, it was a great 6 hours spent together, we walked arm in arm most of the way, holding each other up. ;-)

Denise & Rob went on in the cab to get a Nook reader that was being setting up for her, then they came back and picked me up and went came on back to the apartment. While I was waiting for them to pick me up I went in to a store that a 'make your own salad' bar, well you told them what to put in it. $13.75, it had better be good! I am incapable of walking any further today.

We are thinking of a round the island cruise, the day trip to the NJ Mall, not sure what else. I just missed getting a pic of a helicopter hovering over the Manhattan Bridge, I am downloading 75 pics from today.

It started out chilly, but ended up very pleasant for walking, about 75F/22C, my nose got a tad red.

Stay tuned for more!