She will take the train from DC to Penn Station in NYC, arriving at 8pm on Sunday night. She leaves at 4pm on Monday to go back to DC. She's spending like $500-$600 for less than 24 hours in NYC. Bless 'er 'eart!

So I shall get over to her hotel early Monday morning so we can have breakfast together. I have 2 Starbucks gift cards worth $35, we could get some breakfast with those. Then we can do a bit of site seeing. The Empire State Building is close by. Also Times Square is less than a mile away. There is a house in Greenwich Village which is only 9.5 ft wide. It sold for $2.7 million in the last few years. 'The Pink Tea Cup', Whoopie Goldberg's fav restaurant, is in that area also. She might like that. We can have a late lunch before she catches the train home.

I'll be rising at 3:15am tomorrow morning to leave home at 4:30am, I was awake at 4:15 this morning so it isn't much of a stretch for me. Will get my toiletries sorted tonight, refill small bottles as needed. Put all the clothes I am taking together in the closet so I can just sling them in the duffel bag just before I leave.

I'm taking one fancy outfit, black pants, colorful jacket and sandals for a nice evening out, don't know where yet. Robert probably has something in mind. I did get a recommendation from Kathy to eat at Grotto Azzurra in Little Italy. She's met both Gail and Denise, Gail in Virginia and Denise in Phoenix, too bad she can't join us, she LOVES NYC!

Dropping in on Christine after work today to give her keys and instructions on looking after the cats. How kind of her! I shall find a lil something for her in NYC.

Nearly there! It will hit me this evening when Denise & Robert call me from NYC with the apartment number.

I'm all checked in, upgraded myself for the 4 hour flight to extra leg room, I am at the window and might have to climb over bodies to get to the bathroom. I try not to, just wanna close my eyes for a while, won't drink any more water than necessary. I get in an hour later than I thought I was going to. Won't be at the apartment until 8pm.