sparked a memory of mine about a road like that called 'The 7 Sisters' outside Livermore, CA. I mentioned it on her page. I thought I would look it up and see if I remembered it correctly and I did. You can see it happened in 1962, I was 7 years old at the time.

Down the left hand side of the page there are mentions of people that have died that graduated from LHS. I thought I would look them up in my year book. I recognized two of them.

Yep, I have year book from a High School that I would have attended if I had of stayed in the U.S. Make that I have 2 year books from High Schools I would have attended if I had of stayed. Being dragged kicking and screaming to a foreign country at the tender age of 16 was tough and I've never been the same since. ;-) I was so in denial at the 3rd High School I might have graduated from (I didn't get a year book) I tried out for the squad of girls that go out on the field or court during half time of football and basketball games and dance a routine (the one I remember was to 'Born to Be Wild' by Steppenwolf) before the year ended and got on it.

But over the summer we moved AGAIN this time to the San Francisco Bay Area, we were there for a couple of months. I did get that year book, the current one, not of the year I might have graduated from. So I went to 4 different schools in less that 4 years in 3 different towns and my Dad wasn't even in the military! No wonder I am so screwed up... LOL

Do you have any memories like this from waaaaaaaaaaaay back when?

Speaking of memories. I went to visit with Kathy (who was here a few weeks ago) at her friend Melvin's place out in Marana. It was supposed to take 45 mins. I had looked up the directions on Google and it didn't mentioned that I should get on I10 so I chose to ignore my GPS' instruction to get on our one of 2 freeways. I got stuck waiting for a train that went on and on and on and on. Then when I looped around, to get on the freeway as I had NO idea where I was and it wouldn't recalculate, to a road that was not the freeway, I got stuck at a light that took 4 minutes, yes 4 minutes! to change. People were starting to get out of the line and turn around it took so long. Then we moved 50 ft. to another light that took 3 minutes to change. How bizarre! This was in the confusion of entries, exits, train lines and lights under the freeway.

Anywaaaaaaaaaaaay, Melvin and his son, Bob live in the sticks, well if there were any sticks, but there are no trees to have sticks out there. They have to drive 20 miles to a store. I asked why they live out there, he said 'Solitude', but they are in a housing development like any other and I could hear dogs yapping etc. They have a HUGE backyard, like half an acre, nothing but that fountain I posted a pic of with the Quail family on it that has a hose running to it, in it. Oh there is a big honking RV there too. There were like 30 rabbits out there. Every now and again they would let their 3 small dogs out and the bunnies were scatter under the fence, none got caught thank goodness. They were cottontails, not jack rabbits.

Melvin is a fascinating man and sharp as a tack at 89 years old. He said he was about to get up on some scaffolding the other day to do some work on the ceiling when he decided not to do it and get somebody else to do it. He was a pilot out of necessity, he hated flying, his job had him traveling so much and airlines were pretty scarce he got his license so he could get where he needed to go. He told me of renting a plane in Queenstown, New Zealand and landing on a glacier, twice, and then flying down as far as he could to view Antarctica at the age of 75. Then he came home and rented an acrobatic plane and did all the things he wanted to do and never flew since.

He traveled the world taking photos, he was married (1942) but she chose to stay home, they were married 64 years when she passed 7 years ago. He was a WWII photographer, his photos of the medical history of the war are in boxes in DC, he and Kathy are trying to get them out and recognized and posted on the internet before he dies. He is the only living photographer of the bunch left. He's known Kathy for 20 years, she was the librarian at The Walter Reed Hospital Museum and contacted him that way and they only just met in person last month. Pretty cool. He's like adopted her as a daughter now.

Here are some of his photographs:

He has read all of Obama Care and said I will benefit, there will be a collective of health insurance companies that have to insure people regardless of past medical history. So I won't bother to TRY and get health insurance until next year. He also said that ObamaCare will fail miserably and force the U.S. to go a NHS. Let's see!

I asked him if Social Security will actually still be around when I will need it, he said yes. I thought the government has been 'stealing' from it for so long there would be nothing left for me and generations after me. He was appalled to hear that I can't get pension from Australia even though I am a citizen and paid in to it for nearly 30 years, because I don't live there. He likes my plan of going over for 6 months and establishing residency to get it. Oh Denise & Robert, can I come and stay for half a year?