My request for health insurance with the company that I was with in my last job was denied due to medical conditions.

I have degenerative disc disease (most of the ageing population has it), that I presume causes my sciatica. I feel no pain in my back (hence don't take pharmaceuticals and have no desire to have surgery), my right foot and lower leg are permanently numb. I have tried all the natural things and they didn't work so it is what it is. I would not seek further treatment unless it affected my walking.

I have a gastric band that helped me lose a lot of weight which reduced the possibility of further health issues.

My knees and hips are degenerating, again, due to age and weight, the weight issue is gone, now it is the normal ageing process.

I am not on any pharmaceuticals and don't want to be unless it is life threatening not to.

That's it. If I can't get insurance I wonder who the hell can?

I guess I have to wait until next year when I HAVE to get insurance or get fined and health insurance companies cannot deny me due to existing conditions OR I get a full time job with health benefits who just cover me without 200 questions.

Yep, I am pissed off and hoping that nothing happens to me in the next 7 months.