Just thought I'd look at Craigslist.com for jobs and lo and behold I found 6 part time jobs advertised in the last 2 weeks, 2 with realtors. I have applied for them all saying I can start June 10th.

Heard from Gail yesterday, she is going to try and get to NYC from DC after all. I'd given up on her, she emailed and called while I was out last night at a meetup. She thought I was going to be in NYC all weekend. I emailed that I was arriving Sunday evening, she suggested breakfast and/or lunch on Monday. She said she has to be back to work on Tuesday but would find her own accommodation for Sunday night. I told her to join us for dinner that night and if she can't find accommodation there is a fold down sofa in the living room of the apartment. So if she can get the train times she needs looks like we can hang together again after 5 years.

Robert emailed that he is booking a shopping mall excursion for him and Denise on the Monday to New Jersey and asked if I wanted to go. The mall has 220 stores. I told him to go ahead and book it for themselves, if Gail doesn't get there I shall amuse myself in NYC. I had a great holographic map of streets and subways in NYC, do you think I can find the damn thing when I need it? Nope... I will look in one more box. Oh and Robert said Denise's other foot is killing her, the broken foot hasn't healed yet and the other one has plantar faciitis, he might be pushing her in a wheelchair this vacation, bummer!

The meetup last night was the Mindfulness one. The gal organizer from last week wasn't there, was back in VA where she runs the same meetup there. Her brother handled it, James, is the one in a wheelchair with a whole leg missing. He lost it in an accident where a truck plowed in to his car, he sued and got a couple of million. He brought a gal pal in her early 60s I'd say, who just had a hip replacement. We got along well and she gave me her card to invite her to other meetups I go to. She is changing careers too. A young guy came in late, a friend of James too. He said people just flock to James, he is so positive and ALIVE and lives in the moment. Tis a fun group so far. I had emailed the gal last week that wanted to carpool, didn't hear back from her.

Not going to Mt. Lemmon today, waiting for Gail's call and will do some cleaning. I might get calls about the jobs I applied for too.

Make it a great day!