and I am getting bored. No more work until Saturday.

I looked at for admin jobs and found a part time job, 15-20 hours a week, I applied for that. The rates of pay are dismal, but I can't drain the retirement funds too quickly.

Got up at 9:30, though I was up and about doing washing and messing around on the laptop in the living room emailing with Robert in Australia. He thought we were both arriving in NYC on Sunday, I had to remind him they are arriving on Saturday and I am arriving Sunday. We have to be discreet about getting in to the apartment, they are meeting the owner across the road and they walk them in. Apparently it is now illegal to sublet your apartment for a vacation rental, fine of $2,000.

I remember Seattle 2 years ago, when he said they were arriving on a certain date, he booked my flight for me to arrive on that day, I get to the house and they weren't there. I stood in the rain/cold for 2 hours until the property manager returned my 2 calls and gave me the code to get in the house. She tried to call Robert and I finally heard about 10pm that night that they weren't due to come in until the next day.

Went and picked up the 2 pairs of pants that needed to have the hems shortened. They are knit pants, I knew I wouldn't do a good job hemming them. They did it properly, looks great, for $10 a pair, soooo worth it.

Then on to Five Guys and Fries. Delicious burgers and fries. They put out free peanuts to shell and eat while waiting. They always look like they are having a ball cooking away in full view. They have changed the menu (listen carefully as our options have changed... LOL), you can now get a smaller burger (1 patty not 2) and a smaller portion of fries. I got the regular burger and was given the small fries, came to $8.91. I will get the smaller burger the next time ($2.50 less), the small fries was a good portion but they weren't as good as usual, they've changed something.

My Pop Chips were supposed to be delivered today, no sign of them... ARRRGGHHH!

I thought I would get one more week of UI, but it hasn't appeared in my online account today. I let them know that I was starting a job the following week, they should pay me for the previous week. Excuse me for being honest! I will still have plenty of that money to pay for my food though Robert says I am their guest and they want to pay for my food too. WoW!

On to Walmart for dryer sheets, bacon and some snickers bars, then to Frys for rice cakes and almond bars. STILL no rice cakes, it's been weeks they've been out of the White Cheddars ones, don't want caramel or chocolate ones. Don't like the more expensive brand. I bought some plain rice (prefer sesame - have to go to Trader Joes to get them) crackers instead to have with cheese for lunches at the realtor. I need something crunchy with not a lot of calories, love my crunch!

I've got until the 23rd to get the medical insurance application done. I scanned/emailed stuff to them Monday morning, still waiting to hear if they need more. Never heard back from the mortgage guy, I thought it was a no go, I guess that confirms that. Too chicken to call and tell me so? Whatever...

Time for more reading, debating whether to drive up to Mt. Lemmon tomorrow or not. Probably should as kids will be starting summer vacation soon and it will get crowded up there. Got a meetup tonight, I emailed the gal that wanted to carpool, never heard back. It's a nice ride there and will be wonderful in the dark with all the car windows open coming home.

More laundry to do and need to get some cash, was going to get it today but forgot the dang debit card. DOH!