has developed a fear of the bedroom fan now. Some of you might remember it took him months to get used to the dining room fan in the apartment. He settled in very quickly here, the bedroom fan was always on until November. I turned it on a few days ago and it took him a few days to notice and now he will come in to say hello, get a few rubs, settle, then look up and see it and tear outta here!


I think I will go for a swim today.

Pam 2 at the Wellness Center sent an email asking if anybody could work 12-4 on Friday. I replied if she doesn't get anybody I can move an appointment.

Kathy is going to be in town visiting Melvyn & Bob, she asked if I'd like to join them for dinner at 4pm. Old folks eat early here, I could say I will meet them at 5, they'd understand I'm sure.