p.m. today. Spent the WHOLE day reading in bed. A Michael Connelly thriller 'Angels Flight', sheesh he is a great writer, so many twists and turns and justices and injustices within the police force in L.A. Just HAD to finish it!

All the cats were in and out at different times looking for attention, that's always nice.

It seems now I won't be able to refinance the condo. The guy returned my call yesterday, asked more questions and it was pretty clear it is not going to happen. He said he wants to help me figure out how to do it. I reminded him that I already have a loan with them which I am paying, just wanted to take up their offer of lowering my payment. I don't think that can rescind the current loan as I am making the payments. I'll be surprised if he calls to say we can proceed.

The health insurance company is nagging me almost on a daily basis with more questions and I am waiting on paperwork from my doctor. I'll have to call them if it isn't in the mail on Monday and go and pick it up as they originally suggested, I didn't think it would take so long. I've got til the 23rd to get it all in to be 'judged'.

Off to work at the realtor for the next 2 days, then I have to think about getting ready for NYC trip on the 26th, Sunday. I work on the Saturday before. Get up at 3:30am to pack, shower, have breakfast and be ready for the shuttle to pick me up. Checking the weather to see what kinds of clothes to pack.

Gotta call Christine and say I will pop in after work on the Saturday to give her the key. I will put 2 litter boxes on old sheets in the guests bedroom, so she can come in every other day instead of every day. There will be lots of food in the bowls and 2 bowls of water. Not sure if I will have to turn the a/c on for them while I am away, or just have all the fans going.

I've emailed and called Gail asking if she is still coming to NYC from Virginia. No answer so I guess not. Oh well.

That stupid printer won't let me get past the 'something wrong with the printer head' screen, so I can't even use it as a scanner. I'd hate to buy the printer head cartridge (that holds the black and color cartridges) and it still doesn't work. Oh well.

Have a great lil weekend folks!