That's the subject. Things that make you go. Yep, I am talking about bodily function No. 2.

Before my gastric band and change of diet, I could go 2-3 times a day without occasional aid. Since then, it took a painful while trying all sorts of aids but I figured I had to use Miralax on a daily basis. That is pure chemical and I dislike chemicals.

I went looking once again for a more natural alternative and found Gericare's (yep an old person's brand) Senna Plus. That a natural vegetable laxative (senakot) with a softener, Ducosate Sodium. Yep, the latter is a chemical, but a necessary one for me.

Yes, there are ways to help this function, drinking lots of water (I drink at least 64ozs a day), eating lots of fiber (eating all those spinach salads and mandarins didn't move me), and exercise, I could do more.

So, if you have this issue, how do you take care of it?

Along the lines of crap, I am having a dispute with the dating site. As you know I paid $27 for one month's subscription. After two weeks I realized it was a waste of time and $ as even after sending emails to going on 100 guys, I got no replies. Those that showed interest in me via non-member flirts, I emailed and got no reply. Seems most guys are too cheap to pay, I don't see the point of wasting time looking and sending flirts when you can't even see who the flirts are from if you don't subscribe.

Anyway, I had put a paragraph in the first section (of 3) of text stating that I had a somewhat disappointing experience and that my subscription would be running out in a couple of weeks and wished them all well in their search. The editors decided to delete the reference to my being a paying member. It is bleedin' obvious who is a paying member and who isn't, non-paying members only send flirts. I did not know that was the cause of my infraction, and I put the comment in again worded slightly differently and they deleted it and all the text I had in the other 2 sections, about what I was looking for and what else I wanted to add.

So I wrote and asked for a refund as they had NO RIGHT to delete all of my text. If they thought my infraction was so serious as to make their website look bad, i.e. not attract more suckers, they could have let me know. All I got were standard emails saying I done one of 4 things, one being I mentioned that I am a paying member. One of 4 things I did not do was indicated in my text a way for somebody to contact me 'free' on another social networking site, which is one of the 4 infractions. I pointed out to them I had seen it twice, that their editors missed, yet they deleted my text unnecessarily.

Anyway, I know they don't give a crap but I had to get it off my chest. Movin' on!