is going to be a great place to work. It's all women, it seems they are all very kind. The doctor thanked me for helping out that day. There is a gal that specializes in assisting the people on long term leave who oozes warmth and compassion. There were 4 nurses there and 3 admins. Pam 2 is a nurse and oversees all the nurses and admins.

Tessa seems to be the head admin, a delightful gal around 30 I'd guess. Damarys is a full time admin, the others were coming to her and whispering an asking how she was, she ended up going home in the afternoon, don't know what is wrong with her. She wasn't very happy, must have been feeling poorly. Ruann is a delightful lady closer to my age, she was being trained by Tessa, just became a full time admin. Another full time admin is on medical leave, they aren't expecting her back. There are 3 per diem admins including myself. I am now on the email list, so when they need a per diem I will get an email and I can yeah or nay whether I want the shift or not.

The first two hours were pretty boring. It was very quiet they all said, only 1 booked appointment but we had a half dozen drop ins. We just greet the patients and get a general idea what they need and then assign a nurse to help them. We had one rude lady and Damarys handled her, not very well I thought and apparently the patient complained about her being rude. I'd say she was wasn't very committal with her answers to the patient about why it was taking more then 5 mega seconds to get what the woman wanted, not necessarily rude.

Later Rudann had some time to teach me a few things. We have to get name and employee number on a sign in sheet, then enter them in to a system and choose whether they are there for non occupation illness or injury or occupational illness injury. The nurses have to get the details and enter them in to the system. We call patients to remind them of their appointments and take their calls to make appointments. They can be for physicals or other tests for people like onsite firefighters or welders. Quite easy work really. It's a nice, clean office within a larger building that houses Raytheon Missle employees. It is a very large complex, I had to be escorted to the cafeteria, quite a long walk to another building. It also had a shop with Raytheon branded items, you can also buy discounted tickets to theme parks in California. Even though we are not Raytheon employees we can still get their discounts which is cool.

Hours are either 7 to 3:30 or 7:30 - 4:00. I drive on 4 main roads to get there, about 40 mins. The freeway slowed down in a construction zone, once that is done it will be a 35 min. trip, not bad really. I'll happily work there as much as they need me to.