Orientation day today. Got my notebook and pencil to take notes to aid my memory. It will be interesting. I keep meaning to try www.lumosity.com to test and try and boost said memory. Check it out.

I wanted to attend Bhuddist study group tonight but I know I will not be able to stay awake and it will be rude to be nodding off during it and besides I will miss what they are talking about. I hardly slept last night, finally awake at 3:30am for good. I woke up sweating like a pig a few times, really need a new bedroom ceiling fan, high = low.

Went to a new Meetup last night. Drove 40 mins for a gal at the library to say there is no room booked for the group. There was one lady also waiting for the meetup. Finally another guy said there is a room booked and where it was. Apparently 2 people left thinking it wasn't on. We ended up with 5 of us, a gal from Virginia who has organized the same meetup over there and her brother who lives in Tucson. She comes over a lot to see to his medical care, he is in a wheelchair after recently losing a leg at the hip. Also there was a guy that drove them both, a friend, and gal who drove over from my way, we will car pool in future if we keep attending. It was only an hour but was a good discussion based on a passage in Eckart Tolle's book 'The Power of Now'.

Make it a great day, folks!