were brown and blue.

Christine had stopped by a couple of weeks ago with freshly laid eggs from somebody in her office. They don't eat eggs so I scored. Nice 'n big with bright yellow yolks. I've seen plenty of brown eggs but never a blue one before. Absolutely delicious!

I joined Linked In to join a Tucson job search group. They send me daily emails analyzing resumes, why you don't get jobs, what employers are really looking for and other such drivel, to death. Turns me right off! I think it is karma and chemistry that gets me a job, so there!

Linked In is like an adult Facebook. I'm sure some folks get jobs out of it, networking blah, blah, blah. I keep saying I am a human being, not a human doing. I am not competitive and full of drive and I've done just fine for myself, thank you very much.

Today, lying in bed, I read on the Nook and play on the TouchPad. I got an email notification that Gordon C. Wants to connect. It's been about 6.5 years since we lost touch. He was part of my late Aunt Jody's group of friends, he and his partner Francisco, Roger and Randy, Sue and Jan etc.. Wonderful bunch of folks. Gordon gave me his newly renovated master suite to stay in when I rushed to Denver in Feb. '06 to be with Jody when she passed.

He's been trying to find me and is surprised to hear I am in Tucson. He's been spring cleaning and has a bunch of photos of Jody he thinks I might want. Yes I would! And know Sue has a journal of Jody's that I want to send to my Dad.

I miss her so much, she would have lived only a long day's drive away... I'd love to go and visit all her friends again and reminisce. Maybe next year.

Gordon must be in his 70s now. He owns a realtor branch, 35 agents. He was a court report before that, on the Ted Bundy trial. Yikes! Would be great to see them all again.

And her very best friend, Margie. She was out of town when Jody passed, she was so sad about that. She did get to her Memorial. Another delightful woman, her husband worked in Thailand. He was just about to retire and dropped dead in his office over there a few years ago. She has a small house on a river in near Evergreen, CO. Used to be surrounded by acres of empty land/forests, now there are mansions all around her. She took Jody's dog, Ketchican, she passed a few years back.

The internet is a beautiful thing... most of the time. ;-)