when not to be angry.

I've had my times of holding anger in, being walked on by people because I was too afraid to speak up. Somehow it is easier to let it fly at strangers, so sometimes I do.

Today, traveling through a shopping center to the dentist, a FedEx driver decided to not look at the traffic on the right on the main thoroughfare through the parking lot where I was driving and tore out in front of me, causing me to brake heavily. He then proceeded to go through 3 stop signs without even touching his brakes at well above the 25mph speed limit.

I had to say something. So I followed him, which wasn't hard as he pulled up right outside the dentist office. I had time to park and be at his truck when he got back from his delivery and I let it rip and told him what he did and how it was unacceptable for the safety of others, and asked if I should report him. He said it 'It's up to you Ma'am.' I asked him if he HEARD me. 'Yes, Ma'am.' No apology. I don't want anybody to lose their job in this day and age but I HAD to say something and I HOPE he listened! This was no young person, he was in his 50s at least, c'mon.

Then my afternoon of reading was interrupted by a phone call. It was ANOTHER company selling further education. I am so glad I opened a different email account for all the crap I get while job hunting. There are so many websites with jobs listed which send out signals to flood my email with SPAM. You click on some of them, they ask if you want information on further education, I ALWAYS click NO.

But then the calls start. This one, that tell tale delay of a marketing company then 'Is this so and so?' she asks. I ask 'What is this about?' She asks 'How are you today?' I ask again 'What is this about?' She said 'You requested information about further education...' I replied 'No, I did NOT! I would never do so, I am 58 years old and I have no intention of going back to school, so STOP CALLING!'

It just makes me SICK all the scams going on these days for everything a human being actually needs, work, health insurance etc. Always somebody to prey on people in need. That makes me angry and to think that they continue as there are people that get sucked in and ripped off. People can be so HORRIBLE!