The garbos (Aussie for trash men - I've never seen a trash woman) came by, a young guy opened the lid and made a face, yep used kitty litter was in there. He lifted it out and put it on the ground. He took the whole can out of the ground to grab the other bag of trash, put the can back down in and slammed the lid. Took the 2nd bag and got the neighbors bag and walked away leaving the stinking cat litter on the ground. I ran out and picked it and chased the truck. Another guy took the bag from me, I told him what the other one did. :-( Can't imagine the stink after a few days in there in 90+ heat!

NOW we are in the 90s, didn't make it after all yesterday, got the windows open and the fans ablowing.

Off to the dentist for a clean, my $216 visit, ouch!

Then a haircut that I didn't get on Friday, and to Walmart to pick up a few things like a notebook and mechanical pencil for my orientation day on Wednesday. Then some reading this afternoon. Tomorrow will be a weekend day, eggs and bacon, maybe a swim late morning.

Just got a call from an agency with a full time job, just after I called UI to say I no longer need UI as I have 2 part time jobs and won't be attending their orientation tomorrow. I just have to commit myself to my new lifestyle, 2 part time jobs and whatever else that comes my way and it WILL!

Have a great week!