I actually took most of these pics on Friday when I sitting on the back patio enjoying the peace. Well, there was a serious drone going on, I was waiting for a swarm of something to come through (one of my fears), but I figured out it was the bees enjoying the blossoms of the Palo Verde. I tried to get a close up pic to see the bees but I don't think this captures them.

I saw a dove fly and land on a cactus, look at it's feet, very carefully planted. It stayed there quite a while.

Then I spied a jack rabbit drinking from one of the pottery dishes that Christine usually fills every morning. That is my duty for a week while they are on their trip to Texas. I did it yesterday morning and then this afternoon. The dishes were completely dry this afternoon. I shall do it tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon, twice daily until they get home next Wednesday. We are back in to the 90s finally, where we should be at this time of the year.

I had to take several shots of the jack rabbit, it was quite a windy day and it was fun watching its ears being blown around, they are so BIG! Remember the Kissing Bugs I told you about? That breed in packrat nests and come out May/June? I took a pic of what I thought could be one. Then went back to the website that has photos what are Kissing Bugs and what are not. This is not, thank goodness! Kissing Bugs do not have any red on them. Here is a link about Kissing Bugs, these photos are not, aren't they beautiful? neurosci.arizona.edu/node/660

Well, the text almost went in the correct places, maybe next time...