I go in to the 2nd part time job for an orientation day next Wednesday, the 15th at 7:30am (just when I am actually sleeping until dawn). That's nearly 7 weeks after my interview. The don't have a schedule for me yet, but didn't want me to think they had forgotten about me. I will get a haircut today, pretty scruffy. Was told it is business casual, but I will dress up the first day and ask if I can wear a mid calf denim skirt at all. I did get 2 pair of business pants at a great price, just need to get them hemmed, will do that next week sometime.

Just as well, as I am sick of 'pretending' to look for a full time job. Well, I am looking and applying for roles that I don't want so I can get UI, but I am getting no replies to any of my 40 something applications anyway. So, I am getting what I wished for! I will do one more UI claim on Sunday night and be done with it. I will call the place where I am supposed to turn up on Tuesday morning for job seeking guidance and tell them I am starting work on Wednesday and won't claim UI any more so don't need to go. 3 days of work = 1 week of UI, so I guess I can't claim it any more even though some weeks I won't be working 3 days. I am grateful for the $ I got, it will well and truly pay for my NYC vacation which is excellent.

My new tenants paid their 2nd months rent, hallelujah! I hope they will stay true to their word and stay 3 years. Tis hard not to get rent for 2 months out of the year while my property manager is trying to get a good tenant in.

It seems I can get my mortgage on the condo refinanced, just through my current lender. I got a FedEx letter from them to call, that I qualify to be refinanced no matter what my current salary is, so I thought I would put them to the test. The guy I spoke to yesterday said he just needs proof that I am working, they know I pay my bills, my credit is great. I told him of my situation and he said it won't matter as I am earning and have retirement funds. So my interest rate will drop from 5% to 4% saving me $125 a month. In a year or two I won't have to pay mortgage insurance and will save a further $70 a month. I emailed him and gave him contact info for both jobs to get proof of employment.

I did it, joined Our Time, an online dating site for over 50s. There are lots of scammers, get 'flirts' or emails from guys across the country who are widowed and say 'all the right things' in their profiles to trick some poor unsuspecting 'desperate' woman. Alas, that is all that I hear from, even after sending some 50 emails to guys that appeal to me. I am up front in my profile about losing 100lbs and not having a perfect body. I am still considered fat, I could lose another 50lbs. but I don't want to, 10-15 max. will be fine. I'm not 'a few extra pounds' but I am not 'big & beautiful' which is a different dating site. I wrote to the site and said they need another category like 'curvy' or 'voluptuous'. I know guys are visual and it is a personal preference, like I don't want a relationship with a fat man, don't want a buff or skinny guy either, so there is not point is wasting time with guys that want 'perfect' women. Just 10 days in to it I canceled my subscription, will stop at the end of the month. Just wanted some companionship, even said I don't think I want to live with you, you can live next door, it will have to happen of its own accord another way. Even in this age range, I looked at 50-65 year old, guys are still horny, the buzz word for sex is 'fun', so I didn't put that in my profile, companionship first, if 'fun' happens eventually that's ok, just don't want it to be the focus. Anyway, que sera sera...

I'll go back to bed with my trusty companions, my 4 electrical devices (minds out of the gutter people!), my Nook for latest suspense novel, my Nook Color (just read my weekly People magazine), my TouchPad to play Solitaire and surf the 'net on and my laptop to type emails on.

Life is STILL good! ;-)