was a GREAT movie! Filmed in Albury, NSW, my parents lived there for a few years. Had a lil history of the treatment of Aborigines (called Abos derogatorily or affectionately, depends on the person using the word). Before 1968 Aborigines weren't considered people, they were fauna. I know in 1974 when a cyclone came through Darwin and surrounding areas, they did not even count the dead Aborigines, which ran in the 100s, if not 1,000s. For decades good ole white man 'stole' Aboriginal children from their families, some sent to Britain, to give them a so called better life. That kind of stuff makes my blood boil. I'm sure there are a lot more happy, care free poor folk than there are rich folk.

Anyway, the soundtrack of the movies had me dancing in my seat. The gals can SING! Jessica Mauboy has turned in to a huge sensation. Chris O'Dowd, a Brit, was entirely adorable as their manager. There was drama of course, lots of feel good stuff too, an all round excellent movie.

I went on to the Mediterranean restaurant, Zayna's, and had the green beans, Baba Ganouj, Felafels (best I have ever had) and ordered potatoes too. All that for $17 including tip, enough for 2 meals. I will definitely go there again. I will have the 2nd half as a mid afternoon meal today.

Then on to the Buddihism Study Group. The abbot is from Thailand, a lil hard to understand, but a beautiful, gentle creature with a great smile swaddled in his golden robes. The topic was "The Six Internal and Six External Sense-Bases", internal being eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind and external being visible objects, sounds, smells, tastes, tangible objects and mental factors (dhammas). Then we discussed fetters: sense/desire, ill will or anger, pride or conceit, false view, doubt, rites/ceremonies, desire for existence, envy or jealousy, avarice/greed, ignorance. All very interesting and sometimes hard to understand with his thick accent. It all boiled down to that to meditate properly you need to be fetter free.

Next week's topic is Awakening/Consciousness, I might go along to that one, if I can kill two birds with one stone, have something else to go to in that area, it is 45 mins from home, being frugal with my gas consumption.

I am watering the desert animals and Christine and Jim's plants while they are journeying to Texas, where they are from, for a week. Happy to do it as Christine will feed/scoop the poop for my cats when I am in NYC. She has another neighbor that likes to tend to their cat Sophie.

Just waiting for the mortgage guy to call and then off to the stores, need a haircut too.