those stupid, loud, annoying leaf blowers were going through the neighborhood from 7:30am. I couldn't concentrate to read, gave up and had a shower, nice 'n peaceful in there with the ceiling and floor fans going to keep all the mirrors mist free.

Come out and they were still going. Turned on the TV and even listened to the commercials to drown that sound out that really gets on my nerves. The dang things were going for 2 hours or more.

Charlie and his beautiful wife, Liz, came over around 11. The a/c dudes weren't coming. Apparently they serviced my a/c when they did my neighbors a few weeks ago, I thought they were on my roof too. He worked on the fan and got most of the wobble gone. Will come back another time and maybe replace the bedroom fan which goes so slow it might as not spin at all. Liz owns the duplex next door, is the sister of Virginia who owns this duplex. She said she came along to check out my place to make sure I was treating it well. She said she could see that I do, was surprised she didn't smell my cats. I told her I want to stay as long as possible, she will pass it on to Virginia.

Off to see 'The Sapphires' movie in a few. Got some time to kill before the Buddhism meetup at 6pm. Found a Mediterranean restaurant in the area. Gotta get a feed of Baba Gannouj, eggplant dip, some felafels (chick pea patties) and some green beans sautéed in garlic and olive oil, all for $10. I used to take myself out for a meal every week a few years back. Twice a month would be nice, lunch out with Shelley and somewhere on my own. Never spend over $20 and it is a nice treat.

Tomorrow I have a phone call with my condo mortgage company, they FedEx'd me an offer to refinance my condo. Will see what they can do for me. Said they don't do a valuation (I already have one if they want it), they don't care about my finance situation as long as I am paying my mortgage (I am), will see how much they can save me to refinance. Should have gone to them in the first place, instead of stupid People's Mortgage that took so long I missed out.

Will wander around some stores after that call. Liz told me I will pay less tax if I go to the local Walmart Superstore at Foothills Mall just down the road instead of the new one further north. I like newer stores, if the local one isn't too creepy I will go there to save a few bucks in tax. They have my new fav drink Ice Sparkling Blackberry flavored water, can't Propel Black Cherry water cheaply at Walmart any more now, dang.

Oh I DO love flute in modern music. One of my fav songs is 'Spill the Wine' by Erick Burdon and War, has beautiful flute in it. 'Later... with Jools Hollan'd is on, there is a folk type group with flute players. Love banjo too. These singers are pretty morbid though. Long haired, bearded hippies, quite the throwback.