breaking my 2nd printer. Damn! It needed a new cartridge, I haven't put one is this newer printer yet, there were no instructions on the box and none on the lil animated display. I ended up pulling out the whole cartridge holder, instead of the individual cartridge and when I put it back in it made a crunch sound when it moved to the right and nothing I did fixed it. So that one is for scanning and the old one is for printing.

Forked out a lot of $ today. $148 for a month of health insurance, $111 for a years worth of discounted dental, $95 for a clean on Monday, $45 for 6 bottles of supplements (Puritans Pride had a buy 1 get 2 free special. I have consolidated calcium citrate with a woman's vitamin with calcium to cut down costs).

I booked a car service for myself from Newark to NYC apartment and one for the 3 of us from the apartment to Newark. There is some more money on the Unemployment Insurance debit card so I have decided to keep it from my NYC trip expenses, the car services, the shuttle to and from Tucson airport, food and whatever entrance fees to museums or anything we might go to.

I got a letter from the Unemployment Insurance folks saying I have been referred to a Reemployment Orientation next Tuesday morning. Just as well I moved my dental appointment to Monday morning from Tuesday morning. Though I might be able to get out of it IF: you have returned to work or you have a definite date to return to work. If I get a start date from the Wellness Center job this week I will call UI folks and let them know I am reemployed and will only have one more claim for this week.

I've emailed my friend Gail, in Virginia, to see if she still thinking she will take the train up to NYC to see me. I hope she can, but have a feeling she won't.

We are having a cold snap, you Brits stole my sun! 78F/24C, should be 94F/32C. Quite chilly at night too, enough already, I WANT HEAT! No kissing bugs yet, that's a good thing, I hope it is an 'off' year for them.

Early to be tonight as I have to be up by 8:30 to shower and eat before Charlie gets here.