I look people up online. See if I can find them and what they have been up to for a few decades.

This morning I thought I'd look up my ex-husband. He was in reinsurance, the same company, the 13 years I knew him. My friend who is suddenly single at 60 said in an email that her now ex's GF is named Joanna. It reminded me that my ex's GF was named Joanne.

He ended up marrying her in Toronto, Canada, where his brother lived after emigrating there from Ireland. I don't know if they are still together, but I did discover that he left the company he was working for, after 30 years (I knew he missed out on the top job he wanted) and moved to another company and became Executive Vice President and was sent to Seoul, Korea for 6 years. Now at 66 (he is 9 years older than me, new wife was12 years younger) he is a consultant in the same business with a few other experts. So he did mighty well it seems. I wonder if I could have moved to Seoul, I don't think so...

Last evening was spent watching/listening to Palladia, a music TV station, they show lots of live concerts. I lost touch with current music decades ago, this is drawing me back in, some cool stuff. There is a show called 'Live from Daryl's House'. Daryl is Daryl Hall of Hall & Oates, he is 66 years old now too. I've always been an admirer of his, saw him live somewhere in the last decade, the gal I was with fell asleep. Anyway, this show, it at his large estate up in upstate New York and he invites various artists to jam and fix food and dine. What a great show! My Aussie friends I am meeting in NYC in < 3 weeks are huge music buffs, have 1,000s of CDs. I emailed Denise about this show, we should be able to see it in NYC apartment. There is another show called 'Later... with Jools Holland'. He is a Brit who introduces various acts from around the world and they are live and waiting on various stages in a round room waiting for their turn to play, up to 4 at a time.

She asked me if I saw 'The Sapphires' yet. It is a movie about the Aussie version of The Supremes. I discovered it is now playing at my fav cinema here, The Loft, I hope to get to it this week.

I've got some stuff to do tomorrow, like figure out what health insurance to get, read some papers I got from HP (got a statement about a pension benefit I can get in 4.5 years, $154.06 a month, better than a poke in the eye with a blunt stick as they say in Australia), a bill to pay online, complete some more online paperwork for the new job (still waiting to hear when my start date is), order unfinished wooden trays to decoupage, order vitamins, stuff like that. Probably look for work online, can probably get one more week of Unemployment Insurance or so depending on when I start.

Just saw a vertically challenged person playing drums in a band, he does it standing up, cool!

Wednesday, Charlie is coming over to balance the fan, it's waaaay wonky on high. He's also got an a/c company coming in to do a service, also doing next door. Looks like he is going to be the permanent handyman now, I know the owner Virginia was not happy when the property manager got some other handyman service in that cost, Charlie must be free as he is her BIL. I should be able to make the 2:30pm showing of 'The Sapphires' and then grab some dinner and go to the Buddhism group over that way. Always good to do a couple of things on one trip to East Tucson.

I've joined a couple of new meetups, 'Braveheart Women - Be. Create. Collaborate.' and 'World Enlightenment Mindfulness - We are a non-denominational group that practices and supports meditation and mindfulness practices. We learn to control the mind rather than the other way around'. There is a one off meetup on Passion & Joy, would love to go to that one but it is expensive and on a Saturday, I am checking out their website, see what else they have going on. On the 18th I am going to leave work a lil early and go to: Heart Chakra Opening through Esoteric Acupuncture - We may be past Valentine's Day, but the world is now turning to a new age: The age of the Heart. Everything is moving us faster into this age where Love is king. The Universe is based in Love and we are all a creation of this Love. By opening our Hearts, we open to something bigger than ourselves, something that expands our holistic beings, and opens our connection to others as we are all one.
Opening the Heart will help to bring deep relaxation to you, allowing your parasympathetic system to engage and let your system alkalize and repair the damage caused by excessive cortisol and free radicals. This will reduce pain and inflammation so you may enjoy life, sleep better, improve digestion, lower blood pressure, and prevent serious illness like heart disease and cancer.
Esoteric Acupuncture is very powerful by itself, designed to help our beings come into harmony with the Universe and open us to the higher vibrational energies. When more than one treatment happens at the same time, the results are synergistic and amplified. Please join us in this celebration of opening and receiving of the immense Love energy that is becoming available to us all now.

So many cool things happening in this town, some people think we are wacky, but I like it!

I've got a hankering to drive up to Mt. Lemmon, it's about 26 miles almost straight up, a change in elevation from 2,640ft. to 9,157ft. named after:
Sara Plummer Lemmon
Sara Allen Plummer Lemmon was an American botanist. A number of plants are named for her, as is Mount Lemmon in Arizona for being the first white woman to ascend it.

Might do that Thursday or Friday. www.skithelemmon.com/page2.html
Still digging working just a lil. Will look in to volunteering after summer, when my 2nd job slows down again and after I get back from the canyons.

Time for din dins, the last of the BBQ ribs and a salad, Yummo!