I had taken some photos for this theme but I wasn't happy with them. As luck would have it a TV show provided me an interesting instances of constriction. Excuse the light reflection on the TV, it was sunset as I was taking them.

This is constricted living. These people bought a lot next door to their business/living quarter and built a wall that caused some constriction. Then they started collecting vintage trailers (caravans), some remodeled and some that they remodeled themselves. These serve as a backyard but also as accommodation for friends and family when they are visiting. They have one young boy and sleeps in the backyard quite often.

The first 2 pics are of the whole area within the walls, during the day and at night. Then inside of some of the trailers themselves. VERY cool idea!

Then an extreme constriction living situation, no yard, unless you consider the ocean a yard. A guy bought a submarine and insulated it with spray foam and made it his home. It is no longer submersible but it can be driven around, he put in bullet proof glass at the top where he drives it in case big waves hit and makes sure that the hatch is shut when they are moving it as before it was kitted out he forgot and about 50 gallons of water went in when a big wave broke over it. Another amazingly clever way to live.