Made another AWESOME salad for dinner tonight, added some mushrooms (hate the taste but love the texture, so I cut them small) and chives with the shredded carrots, craisins, pistachios and avocado. I did buy some sunflower seeds to replace pistachios, similar flavor. Yummo!

I sautéed up an onion, long a slow, and paired them with one of the grilled (BBQd) hamburgers. Added some French Mustard to the plate to dip in. DELICIOUS!

Every time I make a spinach salad I drop a piece of spinach (or two) on the floor for Kokee, he munches it up.

Twas a lazy day today, well kinda, did my Vortex Meditation, 40 mins. on the ActivCycle before spending an hour applying for a couple of jobs. I did get a call from Temp Connection, the one where the verging on hysterical woman told me how they busy they are. 2nd time in like 6 weeks I have heard from them. He had a local Admin job temp to perm full time for half of what I was earning at HP. If I am going to work full time/be stressed, I want more $ than that! I told him that I have 2 part time jobs now and am kinda liking it. He was surprised and asked where. He then asked if I was off the market then, I said no, I could do 1-2 day temp assignments now and again or perhaps another part time job. If I feel like it...

Sitting outside this afternoon I eyed coyote passing through, tis a lot more peaceful without the bird feeders crowded with finches. Though a noisy Ladderback Woodpecker (thanks, Max) made an appearance squawking away. This one was different than the other I have seen. It had a spot of red on its head which means it is a juvenile, male or female. Adult males have red heads from nape of neck to top of head, females heads are all black.

I wonder if it is taking this grub out of the dead cholla or putting it in.