and interesting.

I had seen a House Hunters International TV show today based in Perth, Western Australia. I decided to go and try and find the two homes that I live in 1979-84 on Google maps and I did!

Went to the suburbs, Bullcreek and Rossmoyne, found some familiar roads and then the streets I lived on with the ex-husband, and then remembered the street numbers and zoomed in.

Rossmoyne house was 30 years old when we bought it nearly 30 years ago, it was well set back on a large block of land, huge amount of grass in the front. Looks like they razed the house or at least put a 2nd storey on it and then built another structure in front, might even be a separate house. Looks like a lot of houses were knocked down and mansions were built in their place in that area.

The Bullcreek house was only a few years old when we bought it, there were much larger houses being built around it. I loved that house, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, formal dining and sunken living room on one side of the kitchen and an informal dining and sunken family room on the other side. Beautifully landscaped, they've changed the front yard a lot. That was the best house I ever lived in, didn't want to leave it. We ended up moving back to Sydney and 6 months later my husband traded me in for a younger model. Funny how life goes.

Have you ever done that? Gone online and looked up your old homes? It's fun.