Got the call that I am cleared for my 2nd part time job. FINALLY! Just waiting to hear what my start date is to go in and start learning with Pam 2 and also need to do some onboarding stuff with Andrew who recruited me, remotely.

Have been sitting here since 2:30pm checking out single dudes in Tucson to see who is out there. Lots with motorcycles, I am really getting the itch to ride. When I noticed the light flashing on my phone that there is a message, yet it didn't get an email voicemail, strange.

Had a WONDERFUL lunch with Shelley at Blanco Taco & Tequila. It's only 15 mins from home. What did I have? A frozen Margarita (Macayos are still the best), guacamole AND I got a cheese crisp (flour tortilla baked really crispy with cheese on top). I spread some of the guacamole AND then added the shrimp and crab cerviche on top. SERIOUS yum fest! Cerviche is how the seafood is cooked, well it's not really cooked, it sits in citrus juices to, I guess, cure it. There was also finely diced avocado, radishes and cucumber, deliciously refreshing!

We sat outside, high 80s, but a beautiful breeze in the shade it was perfect! A pic of the restaurant, of Shelley deciding, of my meal and of the view. Life is GOOD!