I'm discovering a lot of new things now that my work situation has changed. I have lots of time on my hands now. I had laid out in a blog how my day was going to go yesterday, well guess what? I didn't go that way at all! Gotta love that. I lolled in bed til 10am, got up, didn't take a shower, fixed some bacon 'n eggs, wrote some emails, and then donned my swimsuit and went to the pool. Got my half hour of backstroke done and then discovered that the water level was lower than normal, so I could plant my elbows on the shelf in the shallow end and set my chin on my hands and my body floated up behind me so I was getting some sun on my back and legs, I meditated and reveled in the wonderful feel of the slightly cool water in the 90F/30C sunshine. I read about 10 mins in the sun before I started frying and got in the shade. By then yakkety yak 79 year old gal from Minnesota arrive and shattered the peace. One of those people that has to verbalize every single thing she thinks. At least it was aimed at somebody else this time, but I couldn't concentrate so went home.

I'm discovering that listening to books is great! You can do other things while you are listening. Play solitaire, write an email or a blog, get crafty.

I'm discovering my spirituality, started that path about 4 years ago. I have no religious beliefs. God/Jesus talk turned me off. When my ex husband left me for another, she was engaged, they were both Catholic and went deeper in to their religion, did they get forgiven? He said to me that I need to have faith. I told him that the only thing I need to have faith in is myself. My guru, Lori, introduced spirituality to me, and I have done some great discovering. I am currently listening to a book called 'Choosing Joy Because Happiness is Not Enough', it is a Christian book, lots of God/Jesus talk, but she is explaining her POV in a modern way, quoting scripture then giving a real life modern twist. Tis quite enjoyable.

Along those lines I am going to go to a Buddhist Study Group sometime, it is on Wednesdays at Tucson Buddhist Meditation Center. They have yoga and meditation classes too. Everything is free, but donations are accepted. One of the meetups groups I belong to. I am happy to discover what Buddhism is all about.

I've discovered that the refrigerator oatmeal with fruit is very filling, lasts me much longer than cottage cheese and fruit. I've discovered that not all watermelons are good, I bought one and it was UGH, turned me off them for a while...

What are you discovering?