I was recently reading a book where one of the characters hated trash trucks and made sure he wasn't around when they came. It has since made me aware that I hate them also. They make so much NOISE and the thought of the filthy, stinking trash in them does make me go UGH big time. The noise of the metal lids of the trash cans in the ground being slammed and the metal cans themselves being banged around is very irritating also.

There is a TV ad here for Capital One credit cards that has a bunch of filthy, teeth missing ancient people's, dressed in rags and animals skins and such, with British accents, I've never listened enough to get the point of the ad, the whole thing makes me go UGH.

Then there are those Febreze (bad odor masking sprays) ads. People are blind folded and put in situations where is lots of stinking, filthy trash, dirty furniture etc., and they have no idea and are disgusted when their blindfolds are removed to see the situation they are in. That really makes me go UGH too.

Then I have occasional dreams where I am trying to find a clean public toilet with no luck, that REALLY makes me go UGH.

Quite the recurring theme here, hey?

What makes you go UGH?