But not stupid.

Most older Americans will know that saying is from 'Laugh In', a ground breaking comedy show in the late 80s.

Over a month after my HP job was taken away, I've finally heard from a colleague. Yes, I do feel that, my job was taken away by that cow.

I learned from said colleague that cow is now 'being investigated'. She warned me that I will probably be contacted by HR. A different gal in HR than the one I dealt with, and Rachel's manager, have been given names of the 8 people that have left the team since Rachel came on board. Yes, 8, that is a 1/3 of the team. I didn't realize it was that many. The colleague that warned me has resigned and Rachel keeps moving her end date out like she did with me. I hope she doesn't lose her new role because of it.

I am not going to get my job back but there might just be some justice anyway. If they contact me I won't be holding back, no sirree!!