They really LOVE me!

About an hour in to my work day Pam, my supervisor, arrived. It is month end and she needed to handle a few transactions without interruption, before the onslaught tomorrow.

Well, we get along like a house on fire and yakked up a storm. I mentioned that if I am going to be trained in anything else could she please do it instead of Tina. We discussed how almost disoriented she seems. She makes quite a few mistakes, some pretty serious. She said she knows she can trust me to ask if I don't know or don't understand, she wants to train me more.

She also mentioned that lots of people in the office have mentioned they are very happy with me, they like my attitude and how helpful I am. She asked if I am happy working there, I said I am. I told her I am still waiting on the 2nd job to come through but this job is priority. She showed me how she and Tina are going to cover the days I am in NYC and can't work there, 3 weekend days and a public holiday. Tina is having a few days off the following week and Pam asked if I can come in any of those days, June 5-7 & 10th. I said I should be able to unless something really important comes up, that would be 6 days in a row.

Part of my duties are to make up Listing and Sales packets, Listing has 73 pages and Sales has 45 pages. I had printed 20-25 of each yesterday, today I had to staple some of the pages together and then put into folders with labels sticking them shut. Somehow that simple process, the position of my body doing it, really set off my back burning issue. I had to keep getting up and moving myself around to get some relief. I had to get the job done today and the last hour was excruciating.

I came home and tried to sit in my recliner and read to get rid of the pain, that didn't work. I got a pillow and lay down on the sofa and fell asleep reading, the pain was gone when I got when the phone rang and woke me up.

It was Bernadette from Canada, I must admit I have forgotten about her (mind you I forgot my Mom's 85th birthday, it was when Kathy was here). I didn't take the call at the time, listened to the voicemail. She was concerned that I hadn't answered her messages in muzenews. I haven't been there in weeks. I shall look tomorrow and answer her. How kind of her to enquire how I am doing, if I've got a job, as I was pretty stressed when I met her for lunch back in March. Time sure flies!

I guess you all can see my 'tude has changed quite a bit lately, for the better, I am enjoying the heck out of being partially retired. When the 2nd job starts and I see how much work I am actually getting, I just might not look for full time work at all.

It's 84F/27C now at 9:30pm, got the windows and doors open, no fans necessary (I have to get Charlie back to stop the serious wobbling of the new fan), I sleep with the window open in the bedroom now, very comfortable.

So many cactus still in bloom everywhere, love looking around as I drive to work.

Tomorrow is back to Sears to return some more Lands End clothes I bought. Then will drop off a new pair of pants at a tailors to hem them, very comfy stretch black pants that will be great for office work. Then up to Walmart to get some water bottles, reusable ones, and some groceries. Might get to the pool tomorrow, maybe not, the errands will run past lunch time I think, will go on Tuesday for sure.

Make it a great week!