I think I have to go back to weather.com even though I dislike the new layout, accuweather.com actual temperatures are so wrong. Been saying it's been in the 90s several times past week and there is no way. I know with the doors open if my feet get cold it's in the 80s. They predict high 80's and the next day it shows the actual temp for the previous day as 96F/33C. C'mon! What's up with that?

This morning, at 7:45am, while I was cycling the phone rang, but I didn't answer it. When I finished I saw it was my credit card company saying they suspect fraudulent activity on my credit card. I call back the number and get voicemail and leave a message. I look online and they have suspended my card.

I was looking in my shopping email account last night, the one that is Spam ridden, and saw Flickr was going to automatically renew my membership in May. That's fine but my billing address has changed, so I got in through 2 asks for my password and changed the address.

My online statement shows a $1 charge from Yahoo Wallet, fraudulent activity must have happened right after I did that. It's happened a few times over the years, been a while, guess it's time for a new credit card. Funny how we just accept it to be so these days, glad they are vigilant, credit card companies.

Off for a shower, brekky and work. Make it a great day!