It's the last day of my weekend. Twas a tad restless this morning, as I was thinking I have too much time on my hands and still no routine. Didn't stay in bed til noon reading as I would normally do on a weekend. Seeing how I have so much time to read every other day from 4am ish til whenever I need to get up. I was reading 'Chicken Soup for the Singles Soul'. It got too corny for me, lots of 'perfect' love found after whatever event made them single. Not enough 'Being Single is GREAT! Everybody should do it', well you know what I mean.

After listening to tons of Abraham Hicks yesterday I remembered I have their 'In to the Vortex' CD meditations. so I listened to 2 of those and will continue to do every morning. I found I can read easily while cycling on my ActivCycle, I lose track of time easier and an hour flies by, so I will do that after.

But what else can I do? I don't want to do crafting for me, I've got enough stuff around my home. Can I make something I can sell? Every mother's son and his dog is doing that but I guess it's worth a try. I loved decoupaging my strawberry pot and TV cabinet with beautiful fabrics of my choice. What can I decoupage that is easy to send to whoever wants to buy it? Where should I sell it, Etsy or EBay or where?

Kathy had mentioned, not sure what it is, but she said I would get addicted, I shall check it out.

As for what to decoupage, I like the idea of wooden trays and I did a search and you can get unfinished trays in a 3 set for $20. I've got enough fabric and glue and sealant leftover to play around with them, put them on EBay or Etsy and see if I get any bites. If I don't, I will use the trays myself. If I do, I can do them made to order, the client can send their fabric of choice or I can get their color range and source fabric (quilters fat quarters are good) and I get a deposit before I start. Have to investigate the business side of those sites. My Aussie friend sells some of her classy/label clothes/shoes on EBay, she can help me.

Any thoughts/guidance folks?

Of course there is volunteering also. I shall look in to that seriously after summer as I will be working the 2nd job more during that time.

I did go to do testing for a temp agency online but the link had expired, I emailed her asking if it was worth my doing it as I am waiting for the 'perfect' full time opportunity later in the year.

Here's a fun video, always makes me dance with that signature beat.