A silly shot showing my hand stretching a rubber band to the max.

Then here I am stretching my mouth to the max. The dentist always says 'Open wider!' It is a wide as it is ever gonna get, a few have said it is the smallest adult mouth they have ever seen. Dental work is seriously NOT FUN for me. My nephew, Adrian, has my mouth, okay we probably got it from somebody else going way back, but it dawned on me one day sitting across a table from him. And of course, gotta have a cat stretch. I love Ketley's, I had to wake her up from a snooze behind the standing mirror, then she got up on the bed, then I gave up and walked in to the living room, she followed, I sat on the chaise and she started to do a stretch but didn't complete it and walked behind the chaise, I got up and snapped her in mid stretch. The first shot her butt is up in the air and the tail is coming over, sometimes it goes all the way over and touches her head. Then she settles with her fronts legs in front, butt down and tail a wagging. Did you know that humans are the only animals that don't stretch on a regular basis?