feasting on Abraham (Esther Hicks channeling) videos on youtube. My guru in San Diego sent me a link youtu.be/RaxxSmEJmQw
and it went on from there, you know how they lead you on and on and on until I found a series that ran on by itself from one to the next some 144 of them.

I'm not a believer of channeling but the messages are beautiful. I just lay in bed, then on the sofa with the stiff breeze sometimes howling straight through my home and just listened. Some of it was a bunch of rambling, the good ones were when people were asking real life questions and he replied, on all sorts of topics from finding love to helping your children with problems with a 'magic wand'.

Until the phone rang, it said 'AcctTemps', I hit the speaker button and there was nobody there. They did not leave a message and they did not call back. I did not call back. Once the 2nd job is locked and loaded I can let go of the stress of half heartedly looking for a full time job to document it to get Unemployment Insurance, as the 2 part time jobs will be the same as UI and I will receive no more. I trust that when I am ready for a full time job it will come to me.

Then I returned to listening to Abraham's messages, a delightful day. Oh and I found some of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books in my e-library, The Cat Lovers and Singles and Dieters Souls amongst others, some light reading, should be fun complete with cartoons.

I saw this red object a few doors down from me, thought somebody put a hat on a cactus but when I zoomed in I saw this: