that salad I made up was excessively delicious-o.

Baby spinach, red onion (less next time), a few pistachios and dried cranberries, avocado, grilled chicken and bleu cheese dressing. It kept me filled until just before I went to bed when I snuck 4 sesame rice crackers dipped in white bean hummus. I'm going to mix up some refrigerator oatmeal tonight for breakfast tomorrow, see how that tastes and how long it lasts hunger wise. I get so hungry I feel sick so I really want to eat things that last a lot of hours. Though I suppose grazing ain't so bad, of the cheeses 'n stuff.

Some dudes are working on cable outside here. He says it is showing as bad, I said it works fine. They'd better not screw anything up.

Off to Walmart to buy stuff, found a new flavored water at Costco when I went with Kathy, see if I can find it there at a reasonable price.

I think a swim is in order today. A balmy 87F/28C today, will take a picnic with me I think, sit in the shade and read unless the neighbors are their usual yackety selves.

I'll do another blog tonight on the San Xavier/Tubac/Patagonia outing. Got more good pics! Stay tuned... ;-)