in the office. Seems like it is going to be like this most of the time.

Had a few work tasks to do, got them out of the way and then applied for a few jobs online and completed the form for UI, needed to include last payslip. Nice to know I will be getting some extra $, the rent, the mortgage and the credit card balance (pay all my bills on it so I can get miles for free hotel rooms, will use in Sept when I go up to Petrified Forest to visit Kathy and then up to Bryce Canyon) took big chunks out of the retirement funds. Let's hope my new tenants pay their rent on time to meet the upcoming mortgage payments and I get started on the Wellness Clinic job soon.

Kathy stopped by last night to pick up her phone charger and some parcels that came for her. I met 89 year old Melvin (looks 20 years younger) and his son, Bob in their new Chevy Volt, electric car. They use electricity around town, on the open road they get 50mpg, wow!

Melvin insisted on getting under her van to see what was going on with her water tank, she had gone off a small curb and a valve fell off and water gushed out. He said the valve didn't belong to anything under there, don't know where it came from, and he fixed a leak.

Kathy said she will be coming back, fine with me, we won't get out and about as much, but she can do whatever she wants. She was going to bed at 8:30pm, so was no bother at all.

Folks are out in shorts and t-shirts, I am freezing in the office (I have to go and buy a sweater), can't wait to get out in the warmth! 2 hours and 20 mins. to go... Will be high 90s next week, YAY!!!

I might work on photos tonight, there are tons of them, and write about our weekend adventures.