hornswaggled! I actually got awarded Unemployment Insurance because:
You quit your job because your employer moved the work premises beyond a reasonable commuting distance. You voluntarily left your employment with good cause.

So HA HA to HP!!!

That was in one envelope, in the other was a letter asking a gazillion question about the week I said I couldn't work because my weekend employer wanted me to come in 2 days during the working week to learn more for that job.

I'll have to check the Unemployment Insurance debit card and see if there are any $ on it. Would be great to buy groceries with it.

I called Comprehensive Health Services today and asked if there was any update about the 2nd part time job. Andrew said he just got the education information that I sent nearly 2 weeks ago, yesterday. Presumably it was sent to the background check people well before it was sent to him. He is hoping it will all be completed early next week so I can start next week. That would be great!