so do Kathleen's. She enjoyed vegeing most of the day yesterday, got Rose and Hyacinth, her two grey cats, ensconced in her bedroom. One of them wants to shoot out every time she opens the door, but she keeps her in there. She got some laundry done and messed around on her laptop and IPad. She was lolling on the back patio with a book when I got home, camera at the ready, one of my fav pastimes.

We dawdled and finally got out the backdoor to hit the desert and there was Jim. He had already introduced himself to Kathleen. He saw us heading and wanted to show us around, Christine had come out and met Kathleen, and then Jim, Kathleen and I toddled in to the Sonoran desert scene.

Jim knows that place like the back of his hand, I know the back of my left hand has a beauty of a burn scar on it but I don't regularly study the back of my hands do you? But I digress. He knows this desertscape very well, spends hours out there shooting wildlife and exploring. He knows where the fauna all hangs out, what all the cacti are and boy most of them are about to burst in to glorious bloom! I got some shots, but will have to go back out in a few weeks.

He showed us where are the coyote dens are/were in the washes, some 20 ft. deep, those make it hard for developers to develop the land, which is a good thing. I told him about the gila monster, he was IMPRESSED, said they only appear 2-3 weeks a year and this one just moseyed on by my back gate when I was sitting there, so I feel SUPER priviledged to have captured it digitally.

We were wandering out there a good 1.5 hours and Kathleen and I were starving, so Jim got us back home, it would have taken us a while to find our way back, just knowing we'd head in the opposite direction to the mountains.

We pulled the thorns out of shoes and gussied up a lil before heading to Macayos. One of my fav haunts as you all know. We ordered the green corn bites, lil deep fried balls of mushy corn with a tasty cheesy mix to dip them in, and build your own guacamole.

She ordered the same House Margarita as I did and we were on our way to being pickled by the time her salmon dish and my tamale and black beans turned up. We were there for 2.5 hours and I was still wondering if I should have driven home. She agreed they are the most potent and tasty Margaritas she has ever had.

She went straight to bed, me, I turned on the TV and kept nodding off and really struggled to drag these ole (aching) bones to bed.

This morning she followed me out of the community this morning after Jim and Christine came and inspected her van and got green with envy, to get a mani/pedi at Walmart and a haircut at SuperCuts. She will probably be lolling on the back patio when I get home again.

I will drag her out for a walk on the road to photograph flora and then we will drive up to Trader Joes for picnic food for dinner tonight and tomorrow's outing to San Xavier church (she LOVES photographing churches, I've already done that one so I will sit and soak in the peace) then down to Tubac where the gallery/gift shops are.

It has been quiet in the office, I've got a few things to do that I am stuck on, put in a call to Tina and she hasn't called me back. Did lots of training, otherwise it is pretty boring in here. I'm gonna enjoy my 5 days off!