Too much spinach and not enough soufflé made dinner taste like grass! I like spinach in things but don't like the taste of spinach on it's own. I'm like Dad, not fond of greens, not too fond of yellows either, whites (cauli) I can tolerate. I think Kathleen and I will do Indian food before the concert tomorrow night, plenty of vegetarian options for her and I LOVE that restaurant! Their Palak Paneer (spinach with cheese cubes) is wunnerful. She's gonna treat me to Macayos while she is here, home of the seriously fabulous House Margarita. YAY!! I found a southern food restaurant specializing in Chicken 'n Waffles, other good stuff like corn bread and shrimp 'n grits is on the menu. Check out I'll go there next month with Shelley, she'll complain about all the fattening food, but I will tune her out... ;-) She just got back from another Caribbean cruise, all she said about it was she walked the decks and still gained 4lbs. I moved a piece of furniture to stop Ketley from ripping through all my dangling cords as she tears through to the bedroom. Will be funny to see her try it again and see if she gets stuck! Evil laughter... A 9 hour day with Tina in the office was a challenge. I was wondering if she was going to stay at her work station or move over to Pam's to let me know she is the boss for the day. She was sitting at Pam's work station when I got in and gave me some feeble excuse. I know your 'game' darlin', and I ain't playin'! She had to keep coming back to her work station to get stuff, seems pretty dumb to me, but what can I say. She is the worst trainer I have ever experienced, very hard to make sense of her explanations. 5 hours with her tomorrow, well 4, she will go to lunch for an hour then come back and I will leave. Kathleen will be arriving about 4pm, plenty of time for me to get the car cleaned and run the vacuum around my pad before she gets here. I did get on to Liverpool Girls School in Sydney last night and I'll be damned if they didn't have a copy of a letter they gave me back in May 1972 (I forgot I went to school there for a few months that year) saying that I was awarded the school certificate and if I went on to do the Higher School Certificate I would get a paper copy of it. They also had a school reference. They scanned and emailed both to me and I forwarded them on to CHS, hopefully they are good enough to get me through the background check. Time to relax until the busy whirlwind ends Thursday of next week. I've seen some more wonderful spring blooms, will stop and snap some on the way home from work tomorrow. Ciao for now kiddos!