plus this trend: Does not bode well for my profession. My San Diego life coach said 'Why don't market yourself as a remote admin and support a few business owners. ' Seems some people are already doing that, this was written by Lynne on a Tucson Linked In site for folks looking for work: Even 20 years ago, secretaries (admins, executive assistants) were amongst the first to be cut in a department during layoffs. Word processors, spreadsheets, and databases made it easier for managers, executives, and their teams to do much of their own work. Then along came the internet, screen sharing, mobile phones. It became easier to manage without support staff. After all, support staff does not generate revenues and it is not always easy to prove how they save money. Therefore, many of these positions were cut over the last few years. And what has happened to all of the secretaries and admins? What are they doing? Many have started their own virtual assistant (VA) businesses that provide services to self-employees and small businesses. They save a great deal of time, thus, enabling their clients to focus on their core work, which translates higher revenues.