is watching TV more than he is working on the fan. He is the BIL of the gal that owns this place so he is probably doing this for free. He is going to be a while. He tested the battery and the frequency in the remote even though I told him it was already tested. Then he messed with the breakers out front, turned the TV/Tivo off so I missed 10 mins of the show I am watching. He is up and down his ladder and breathing hard, has to be 75 at least. He took the light cover down and said it would be a good time to clean it, was bug free, just full of dust. He took down one of the REALLY dusty blades and put it on my sofa and said it would be a good time to clean it. I had to clean it and the dust crap on the sofa, silly man, put the next one on the floor, please? Oops! It seemed that I turned off the power to the fan with a switch that I didn't know what it is for. BUT the fan still won't turn on, seems the fan itself has died. It's 2 years old max. Now he's gone outside to take a phone call. I need to go and get the car cleaned, c'mon dude!