isn't 'in the bag'.

Just got a call from CHS. They need a copy of my high school diploma and I don't have one. I usually choose 'some high school' if the choice is available. I put in 'Liverpool Girls High School - Sydney Australia' as my last school. I went there for like a month and was awarded the equivalent of a school certificate which is kinda like a high school diploma.

Nobody has ever asked me for it in the 42 years I have been working and looking for work. They say it is a requirement for the background check so I can have the job.

I'll see if the school is still there and if they have records from 42 years ago, give them a call tonight. If not, I guess I'll be looking for a full time job harder.

That's annoying... Means I wouldn't pass Raytheon's background check either, they are the biggest employer in Tucson.

Ridiculous, me thinks, kinda says for 42 years of experience and clean record don't count for nuthin'.