I had to give in and turn it on this evening, too darned cold today. I was up doing laundry, remaking my bed, cooking breakfast, having a shower to get out the door just after 11am to hit The Loft cinema to see 'Quartet' a Dustin Hoffman directed movie starring Maggie Smith, Pauline Collins (her sweet self), Billy Connolly (his irreverent self), Tom Courtenay (don't know him) and Michael Gambon (his creepy self). Can't believe how old all those folks have gotten, all in their 70s. Twas a delightful film, definitely worth a watch. Twas freezing in the cinema even though I had 2 winter tops on. Stopped at Walmart for a few things on the way home, so darned cold in there too. I put on a different top when I got home. Continued reading a book I started yesterday, James Patterson's '9th Judgement' one of the Women's Murder Club books, its a good one, fast paced, I am flying through it. I am reading 2-3 books a week at the moment. So glad my local library has some great, current, e-books to lend. Love it! Got an email from Kathleen today, she is only here until next Wednesday. That's a lil disappointing, told her she has to come back. ;-) So I called the realtor's office and told them I definitely could not work on Monday so I can have 2 whole days with Kathleen. I got a call from Elle at Temp Connection, haven't heard from her in weeks. She asked if I am available for a temp to perm role paying good $ as an Executive Assistant for VPs within a hospital. She has to forward resumes tonight and the person would have to start on Monday to train with the person leaving the role. I'm glad I had to say I am not available, have 2 part time roles and a friend in town early next week. Just not meant to be, not what I want right now anyway, another stressful, fast paced role. I thanked her for thinking of me. I shall keep in touch with her to keep me in mind for full time roles late this year. Tomorrow is lying in til noon, well, while doing more laundry, then up for Charlie (owner's brother in law) to check out the non-working fan in the living room. I shall get him to look at the fan over the stove, it isn't sucking air at all, help me put up the shower curtain rod again. Then I am out to get the car cleaned. Back home to vacuum living space again. Ketley's latest antic is climbing the shelves in the laundry room. She had dragged down a large zip lock bag that had small light bulbs it, 4 out o 6 were shattered. The men's Louisville Cardinal team, one of their team members is the guy that broke his leg so badly, won the NCAA Tournament Championship last night. The women's Louisville Cardinal team is playing tonight for the NCAA Tournament Championship, they are being comprehensively beaten by Connecticut unfortunately. Connecticut have an amazing Freshman (1st year of college) who is breaking records playing brilliantly! It's muesli/granola for dinner tonight, that stuff is fattening, will find a different cereal with vanilla rice milk as a snack. Hope your week is going swimmingly!