here today. I've got the front door cracked to get some fresh air in. No point in opening the back window, I'd have a house full of dirt. It's a hazy view to the mountains. Glad I am leaving the cleaning of that window until Wed. I'm sure Kathleen will be taking pics of wildlife through them. She will be lucky to get the lone coyote I've seen lately and a lone bobcat I've seen once every 2 or 3 weeks.

I asked what she wants for breakfast and I would get some in, she said not to worry she has food in the van. She wants to get the van serviced, I'll take her to Jeremie, and get a haircut, I'll take her to Chynna.

The temp is dropping from 84F/27C today to 68F/19C tomorrow with a few showers. We are really low on rainfall so it will be nice.

There are 5 eggs left in the palm pot outside, they will be gone soon. I'm guessing the mom bird has abandoned them, nothing I can do for them. Or should I take them to a vet?

Doing some washing, did some dusting, have to call and get access to where I put in my bank details and tax withholding details, though that can wait until I am in the office on Thursday I guess. Tis so weird not working on a Monday. I volunteered to cover for Pam, all day Thursday and half day Friday, Kathleen arrives that afternoon and we have dinner and the Flamenco. Then I work on the weekend, she said she will probably sleep. Her and 2 cats in a small space does not make for good sleeping apparently.

We can go and have some fun next Monday - Friday.

Went looking at LandsEnd for some pants on sale and found some stretch sateen cotton pants in black, moss green (dark green) and French walnut (mushroomy brown), only $19.99 a pair, down from $54 a pair. Found a couple of t-shirts on sale, $12.99, purple and red, and 2 long sleeved drape neck t-shirts $30 each, red and yellow. Those will be nice in NYC where it will be a lil chillier, and here under a jacket in the office (I always freeze in air conditioned offices). That will do me nicely, will have smart looking outfits for work.

I told Denise & Robert that I would get us a limo from NYC to Newark airport when we go our separate ways. Gonna be like $100. It is my last planned vacation for a while so I will make good on that promise. I'm allowing $50 a day for food, eat small. I also have cabs to and from local airport and Newark to NYC. I really hate paying for those. They seem ridiculously expensive but I the thought of parking in a huge lot, dragging myself and my case to a shuttle to get to the airport and return is a PITA (pain in the ass), I will be getting in very late so fuggedaboudit. I'll search for an airport shuttle service.

Just found AZ Stagecoach, $33 each way, that's better. Last two cabs were $72 (rip off) and $45. That will drop me at the airport, they pick up a few people at a time, a half hour journey becomes 45 mins. That's ok. I was thinking of asking Jim/Christine for a ride, but I leave really early Sunday and back really late the next Sunday, and to pay for their time and gas (the both have big SUVs), it would be close to that anyway.

The blanket is dry for the guest bedroom, I shall make the bed up on Wednesday. The door is closed to keep it as fur free as possible, mind you, she knows what furry living is all about, especially in that van now. ;-)

Crap, I still have to do some testing online for an agency. They were going to put me forward for a part time role, but it is too far from home and M-F, 8-1 or 1-6, 2-3 whole days a week I would do, not half days, that would screw with the Wellness Clinic job.

Time for muesli and more reading though Kaiya wants some attention now...