an hour, but it is an easy gig, Takes a trace of gas to get there and 10 mins.

Pam was there when I got in, wasn't supposed to be, but she thought she left her debit card at a restaurant close to the office so she thought she'd work while she waited for them to open. They did have it thank goodness.

We had a rash of walk ins early, but they had appointments with gals in the office. One lady came in asking for directions. Then Pam left and the place went dead quiet. Only 2 phone calls. I finished setting up a bunch of open houses, ordered a sign to be installed and ate my lunch before doing 2.5 hours of orientation training. They are serious about their diversity training which is good.

I did some time recording in advance, gonna do 39 hours this 2 week pay period, 13 hours extra, that will pay for a couple of pairs of pants.

Tomorrow I start at 10am, again, easy...